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Product Overview

Got sweaty, smelly sports gear?  We have your solution.  While most traditional bags just store your gear, the BONE DRY supplies bags are equipped with a self-drying system with activated carbon.  The BONE DRY technology will dry your gear without ever having to take it out of the bag.  If you simply toss your wet gear into a traditional bag and leave it, you can potentially create a dangerous environment for bacterial growth. This can lead to that "sport stench" and other various health hazards.

Science, Puck Yeah!

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Wait..what...a fan?   No, it's more than just a's evaporative drying.  Our integrated fan system reduces the humidity inside the bag by exchanging the air at a minimum of 20 times per minute.  That's right, 20 times per minute.

Now lets talk about activated carbon.  It acts like a sponge to water, adsorbing all the odors remaining in your bag.

So why does all this matter?  Let's just face it...bacteria is dangerous.  Why mask it or try to treat bacterial growth when you can prevent it in the first place?   Mold and bacteria thrive in humid environments and are to blame for the smells and odors emanating from your sports bags.  Simply tossing your wet gear into your bag and zipping it up, leads to bacterial growth and mold that spreads on all surfaces. 

Removing one key factor needed for mold and bacteria growth can significantly reduce or eliminate it.  It has been shown that most bacteria and mold can be minimized by controlling relative humidity to levels below 40-60%.  BONE DRY bags does just that...reduces the humidity to under 30%.  Just plug it in and walk away.  Come back later, and continue to PLAY. DRY. REPEAT.

Rugged by Design

  • Cast aluminum dual ball-bearing fan

  • Rust resistance hardware

  • Durable 1000D PVC lined fabric

  • Heavyweight zipper pulls

  • Large main storage with U-shape zipper opening

  • Exterior side pocket and interior mesh storage

  • Dual carry handles with closure

  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap

  • Deodorizing activated carbon

  • Fan: CE, UL, TUV, RoHS, meets UL 94 flammability standard 

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